We believe the considerable investment made in a new or refurbished building should deliver more than just a static built asset. Acting at an organisational culture level, your new workplace building could do so much more to support the growth stack of your business; that set of business tools which serve to generate employee productivity, effectiveness and bottom line profitability.


To facilitate this, we conceived Agile in Buildings, a methodology to allow everyone in the business to determine what they want (and what they don't want) from their new workplace; then contribute as equals with our designers to the creation of truly transformational spaces to work in.  


How Agile works

Agile Methods works by meaningfully engaging employees (even clients if you like) in scoping out the cultural transition of the business to its new workplaces.  It's a process that guides users to work out what is important and not so important to them, in a more involving, immersive and compelling journey to a happier, healthier and more productive environment once they have moved in.   

When everyone is happy that the key issues have been identified and understood we work to build a virtual reality prototypes of them so you and your people can experience your vision made real well before it gets built, even before the project gets properly onto the detailed design stages.  

Taking the opportunity to walk around the virtual building gives occupants the chance to test out the new concept workplaces for themselves, to make the key decisions at a more relaxed pace, providing all of the essential feedback and added finessing, making sure the designed spaces fit the needs of business and everyone is happy.  It's also a chance to filter out any errors, so there are no costly surprises later and you get the spaces that helps you and your people think less and so work less hard in use.

Our Agile in Buildings with VR process is normally carried out in the first six to nine weeks of the project's design period, leading to a common understanding about what to build before the technical thinking of how to build. Doing things in this way allows the Agile in Buildings process to de-risk the entire procurement of your new building, getting everyone to a common understanding faster, locking in lower budget costs and eliminating late changes, all directed towards defining what needs happen to deliver more certainty of outcome, faster. Building in the confidence that the entire organisation who will use the new workspaces will love it, and be better in it. 

If you don't do Agile in Buildings, and are happy to defer the business strategic thinking to your architect and c-suite you will still think you are getting a great building. The difference is if you do Agile, you will know you are getting a great building, one that is optimised to deliver maximum value and return on investment for the capital or lease finance you are putting in.

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A user on one of our case studies preparing to take a tour through the re-imagined spaces that she helped to design.

Check out our latest case study video below:  to find out how Agile in Buildings  works


Cemetery Road Baptist Church  engaged in our Agile Methods process to re-imagine what a modern church needs to be. Nowadays, CRBC are looking at ways to stay relevant to their community.  Modern UK life is more secular. The CRBC response has been to assist ethnic migrant Christians coming to the UK. But now they are asking "What about our local communities?" How can we connect with them to establish relevance against the backdrop of declining membership in modern more secular society. 

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    Cemetery Road, Sheffield


In this case study we worked with Kollider Music, and its future tenant customers Barclays Eagle Labs, TMI The Writers collective to create a new destination for writers, musicians and producers of music. The project was a critical component of the success of the Kollider venture in Sheffield to bring a tech innovation hub to the city.

Nothing like this has ever existed anywhere else in the UK. A place where writers, artists, technicians, and media creatives can work together in spaces that help them to do what they do better. Using Agile, we sparked something that all involved thought was truly special.

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    Kollider 1, Castle House

Experience your plans before you bring them to life

Check out our video to see how Agile in Building helped Hippo Digital develop their new office plans then experience them before they were built.