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Assessment Method Support
BREEAM LEED Assesment Methods

We are independent Environmental Assessment Method strategic advisors.  High scoring Environmental Assessment Method projects at optimal capital cost don’t just happen by accident. They originate from a planned strategy developed in the very earliest days of the project.


We assist project teams, developers or constructors formulate then stick to the strategy to hit required targets at minimum cost and effort, taking into account broader aspirations of the project. Being independent, we are in a position to make an objective view of what is happening, and then to take on the role as the managing point of contact for the achievement of the SKA, BREEAM, LEED and even the deep green Living Building Challenge targets, particularly where the achievement of the target is a crucial project deliverable.


With more than a decade of experience in undertaking this type of independent advisory role, added to our research and analytical capabilities, we get under the skin of the project, to introduce new thinking and new ideas in the search for a lower cost BREEAM Excellent and Outstanding outcomes.


Sometimes projects might be looking to achieve high scores on a number of evaluation methods such as a Living Building Challenge Petal as an innovation credit on BREEAM, UKGBC LEED or Well Building health and wellbeing Certification.  Assessment Standards are beginning to develop what are called "crosswalk" credits.  Through our connections with all of the evaluation organisations, we can assist in developing the necessary crosswalk agreements.


As with all of these standards, the goal should be to use them as a barometer of best practice rather than as a simple box-ticking process to hid a client specified requirement. The object should be to provide a building that is as benign to the planet as possible while engaging and assisting the health wellbeing and productivity of the building's occupants.


The earlier our introduction, the more significant the impact we can have in optimising the outcome. So if you want high scoring BREEAM or LEED, increased productivity at a lower cost we are able to help.


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