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Image courtesy of NTA


Working at the request project architect Nicholas Tye Architects we provided the calculation analysis to inform the design basis for this near zero-energy, National Planning Framework Paragraph 79 compliant, new home in the Bedfordshire countryside.


We joined the NTA team for this project in October 2016 at the specific request of the homeowner who became aware of our work on another project.


The new home was designed to specifically meet the challenging P79 criteria of representing excellence in design coupled with state of-the-art innovation in low carbon building performance.


In partnership with the NTA team and the deep involvement of the client family we have adopted an advanced health and wellbeing theme, to create what was expected be the first registered Premier Wellness Home in Europe.  The advanced health and wellbeing designs included:


Air Quality - maintaining healthy air quality at all times.

Water Quality—Maintaining even that from the mains.

Daylight Quality—Making sure all spaces are well daylit.

Comfort—All spaces are comfortable from a temperature and noise perspective.

Nourishment - We included measures to grow fruit and vegetables on site.

Fitness - The home included a gym with special selection of apparatus for correctly structured stamina and cardio fitness.

Mind - Biophilic elements are incorporated to allow views and sounds of nature, while also bring nature indoors through living walls, patternation and fractals in shading.


Advanced thermal model software is used to predict performance and allow us as designers to make interventions that serve to improve the comfort of occupants without cooling and with minimal heating.



Client : Nicholas Tye Architects

Construction Value: undisclosed

Date: July 2017

Floor Area: 400m2


  • Well Build Home Pilot

  • Near Zero Energy strategy

  • PV Panels integration

  • GSHP Heat Pump

  • Rainwater recovery

Model touched up.jpg

Visualisation of thermal model.

WELL AP_cmyk.jpg

New innovative P79 home in the countryside


Zero Energy near off grid home

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