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Strategically better buildings for business

The decision to move to a new building or refresh an existing workplace should be a time when a business starts the big thinking about what the central purpose of the new workplace will be, where it will sit in the overall strategy of the organisation, and what part the new spaces can play in improving the vibrancy, efficiency, effectiveness and expression of a more productive enterprise.

Designing buildings with business purpose in mind

We work with clients and design teams who set out with a strategy to create a building that helps their business or organisation to be better.


This is what our specially conceived Agile for Building design management methodology seeks to achieve. The notion that your people will be better, happier, more productive, more collaborative in a workplace that they created together is a simple but inescapable component of our thinking.


Agile design management methods rely on your people and their "user stories" for its authenticity. The stories describe how your people make your building the very best it can be...for improved performance and productivity.

Great design done with occupants not to occupants

In what becomes a highly collaborative integrated environment, we merge business imperatives and customer delight with design innovation to deliver buildings for highly successful final and business bespoke product outcomes.


We achieve this using our adapted Agile Methods approach, then grafting on complimentary Health and Wellbeing features which promote physical exercise, proximity to nature, water, daylighting, fresh air quality, high levels of sustainability. All of the things that make buildings healthy and life-affirming places to work in..

Putting the performance of people before property

The outcome will be a building that people using it will love, not only because the architect’s design achieved its aspiration to be beautiful, but also because users had a big hand in making the building what it is.  


How can the user not be positive towards something that they influenced in its creation? And if they conceived it, how can they not enjoy the experience of working there in a more productive and effective way.


Taking control of the things that matter most to occupants

So, when procuring buildings for business it's important for the client to take control over the things that matter to users and the enterprise, while allowing designers to take control of the creative and technical thinking that unlocks exceptional low carbon performance. 

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