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Biomimicry- Natures solutions to man's problems
Biomimicry - Nature's design manual

Not yet mainstream, we see the new science of bio-mimetics or biomimicry as contributing an important body of knowledge to the future of sustainable building design and construction. There is growing evidence to suggest that mankind has already moved a long way towards de-carbonising global energy requirements. However, energy is only part of the problem.


The challenge now facing us as a species, is to begin to understand and then replicate the techniques nature has already developed to solve our critical resources issues, whereby product materials are used on a continuum and water is perpetually created and recycled.  


From the manufacture of hard shells as structures, the multifunctional protective yet flexible elytra of a ladybird, the desert beetle that produces its own water from the moist desert morning air, to the comfort cooled termite mound, nature has lessons in how we can produce what we need in ways that does not produce or abandon waste.







Examples of nature's restorative builders and water providers.

At Ollio we are keen to work with clients, designers and researchers who share our passion for innovative thinking that helps to produce advanced sustainable buildings fit for the future in a more resources conscious industry.

Within the built environment this will take the form of

  • The development of better lighter, and lower embodied energy and more sustainable structural materials.

  • Developing better and more renewable materials that have better re-use properties leading to zero waste.

  • Controlling our thermal environments in a way that uses less energy and eliminates the need for mechanical comfort control systems.

  • Conserving our use of water for consumption and in manufacture. 

  • Reducing pollution, chemical exposure, and development of materials that are non carcinogenic and  protect human health wellbeing and productivity.

Nature has already invented the solutions for many of these problems. What we need to do is to research them and take their applications into our industry so that we meet the challenges of a more resource constrained planet.

Rather than as Stephen Hawking suggests we find the technology to leave this planet in 100 years, perhaps we should instead search for the technologies that allow us to stay and flourish.

"What the planet needs is a major rethink; a new approach which directly combats the problem rather than slowly perpetuating it. And the planet needs it right now"

Stephen Bailey - Cradle to Grave Blurb


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Biomimicry; examples of nature's restorative builders
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