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Building Physics and comfort analysis is the mathematical science that underpins advanced low carbon strategies for all low or zero carbon buildings. 


With a long pedigree in the use of thermal modelling tools, we work with design teams and clients to inform the low carbon strategies for even the most geometrically complex low or zero carbon buildings. 


Building virtual models

Using these powerful building physics analytical software tools we can build, test and then optimise the performance, to arrive at the best performing combinations of materials, daylight and renewables for best performance in use.  

Building Physics and Computational Fluid Dynamics

Thermal Modelling and CFD output images

Visualising performance in use

Plugged in to this is our available expertise to move from the macro energy, daylighting and comfort to examine the micro by employing more specialist analysis incumbent in Computational Fluid dynamics and climate based day lighting analysis.

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) allows us to look at the behaviour of air flows with the building to predict the impact of air movement on occupant comfort.

  • Climate Based Daylighting Analysis allows us to look at the behaviour of daylight, it’s quality and evenness in the space to undertake visual tasks. It also can look at the interface of daylight with artificial lighting operation, allowing the designer to predict more accurately the numbers of hours that artificial lighting is required.

The ability to undertake this level of comfort and daylight analysis allows us to understand health and wellbeing issues and so acting as an important platform for our work in biophilia, and wellbeing.

This added-value brought to projects is at its best when building physics is used to improve the quality of the thinking, with little or no observable impact on the appearance of the building to all but the trained expert eye.


Limerick Prison

Advanced optimisation analysis was undertaken on one of Ireland's largest prison facilities. The project was in support of the main constructors big for a 9,000m2 extension to the existing prison..

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citizenM Shoreditch

The POE project benefits from a full building physics model to allow us to compile a picture for what energy use the hotel should be using for comparison with what it is actually using.

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