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Moving to a new workplace soon?

Hoping to move the performance of your business to a better place too? One that...

Helps your people perform better

Reinforces  brand identity

Becomes a springboard for increased competitive success? 

Maximise the opportunity

Make no mistake, when it comes to creating a great workplace the experience and skill of your design team are important. 


But if your new building is to be a springboard for a better business, it needs more support than is currently on offer in the property industry.

Ollio is here to provide you with the support you need to create real change in a new home where opportunities are optimised and business value created.


Maximise the opportunity that moving to a new location brings

Change is  Hard

Opportunities Lost

Real  Change 

Opportunities Optimised

No Change

Opportunities Lost

Superficial Change

Opportunities Lost

Workplace Design





Your building can help your business to be better


How well your business meets customer expectations at the point of delivery is vital to success.


Good delivery depends on good knowledge management, communication and attention to detail.


The place you meet, the ambience, the technology behind the point of delivery is crucial to success. Your building can and should be part of this, an important conduit of effective day to day delivery with style and confidence.


Obvious as it may seem, your building and its ambience is the frontline in how you make your first good impression...


...With your best customers, the brightest interview candidates, and most importantly, the people who work for you


A building that just works will communicate just how much working with you is better than working with anyone else. 


Good business depends on the quality of its people and their ideas to drive it forward.


The working environment you provide them is an important magnet in attraction and retention.


Surveys show that employees will forego a salary increase of at least 5% if the workplace environment is better.

if you put the effort in to make it happen

The numbers speak for themselves


Taking that extra time at the very beginning, to really challenge the business purpose behind the new building.


  • How it will deliver added efficiency


  • How you can make every square meter count towards a more efficient business operation


  • How you can reduce risk and increase opportunity from a more considered workplace


The chart opposite combines the know statistical data of what would happen if a new building helped uplift current people engagement by 10%. With average engagement** and productivity in the UK private sector at an all-time low, the room for improvement here is significant.



** CIPD Employee Outlook Spring 2017



Cost (£) per Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Employee per annum

£2700 saving FTE/annum

Business Rates, Direct salary, pension and NI cost expected to be constant across all options. Add your average per FTE to totals shown. Figures are for illustration purposes only. Values will vary on a project by project basis

All you need is the support that we provide

Working only for you and your improved business outcomes


to guide you and your exec team to a more lucid understanding of what is important in procuring a building that can empower your business to be better.


to place all of our research and innovative new techniques at your disposal, while collaborating with the root and branch of your business to capture a more intelligent solution to your new property requirement.


to bring all of the early stage business and design expertise and support you will need before you commit to engaging a legion of property agents or design teams. We already have access to all of the people and tools you will need to determine the philosophy and robust business purpose, led by your own people, not suggested by others, for your decision to move to a new building.

Get in touch today! 

Thanks for your interest in Ollio and Agile for Buildings. You message is now on its way. We will be in touch with you very soon.

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