Bringing the best out of buildings and people


You can view a building as simply a box that keeps the weather out. 

Or you can view it as an essential component of your wider business growth stack.  Lean, efficient, a pleasure to be at work in. A building that cares about your people, their health, wellbeing, the community and customers you serve.  Ollio specialises in working with clients at every stage of design and operation, to facilitate greater competative advantage from their built environments.

User Centric Design


All too often we find that the additional load in developing the brief, to make sure that the new building maximises the potential for the business, becomes too great a burden for the already busy executive team.


As strategic and executive consultants, we not only provide the leadership and governance over the development of your client brief, we go further to use our designers to work with your people thus designing a brief to deliver solutions that will improve what you do and how you do it.


Using our Agile Methods we lend structure and ownership while promoting creativity and innovation for a highly collaborative, engaging and creative environment, for a building that drives business improvement. 

Post Occupancy Evaluation


Our research experience shows that most buildings need post occupancy evaluation support... and if not provided, they will fail to meet their designed-in and optimal potential.


We provide a complete post occupancy evaluation consultants service to clients, developers or constructors who are looking for an independent and objective perspective on how the proposed building systems design and installation impacts later operational outcomes in use.


Stemming from our initial forensic review and feedback of the design and construction proposals, we can devise and implement a bespoke, structured post-occupancy evaluation (POE) framework to take forward into the life of the building.


The objectives being to provide our clients with the practical information and guidance they need to understand the building and its intricacies, while also learning the lessons from the procurement process to take forward to the next project.

Zero Carbon Strategies 


In recent times it seems the penny has finally dropped. Business, governments and the public at large are finally beginning to take seriously the dire threats to our collective futures, if we do not begin to take action to halt and reverse the ever increasing emissions of carbon to the atmosphere.

With this, and because it has been left so late the cuts we need to make now are much more severe and wide ranging. Buildings built now will be around in 2050, by which time they should be zero carbon emitters. The evidence and the climate for change has collided such that all new buildings will need to be zero energy. The next two to three years will see a raft of insulation that will make this mandatory.


Engaged as your specialist building performance consultant, we carry the expertise to work with your design team to show you how to get to net zero energy outcomes, and then manage the delivery of the these advanced energy benchmarks through to operation.

Soft Landings


Soft Landings is deployed in the construction stages particularly leading up to final handover and then afterwards in the three to six month beyond.  A period when most help is needed by the occupant's facilities management teams to get to grips with the optimal operation of the new and sometimes complex asset.


We offer a complete Soft Landings management service, acting as the Soft Landings Champion on behalf of the client, or as the Soft Landings Co-ordinator for the contractor.


Our innate abilities as designers give us an added advantage in aiding our understanding and review of the new systems designed by others. All of which allows us to offer a fresh independent perspective on how optimal performance of the building and its systems post-handover can be established.

Health and Wellbeing


Health and Wellbeing has become the new sustainability in the built environment.


The focus for advanced property procurement is shifting toward opportunities for organisations to create buildings and workplace communities that intentionally promote health and wellness.


As qualified WELL APs we are at the forefront of the know-how when it comes to assisting design teams in meeting the challenges posed by these new to market impacts. 


Much of the health and wellbeing agenda promotes things like better ventilation, daylight, acoustics, temperature control, and the greater promotion of healthy construction materials. All of these are areas of science that as building services professionals we have been used to for a long time now.



With commissioned health and wellbeing projects already ongoing, and the ability to certify buildings with Delos and WELL, we are a natural partner to take forward your journey to a healthier, more productive built environment.

Energy Optimisation


Recent trends show that buildings are becoming very much more sophisticated.


Driven by the demands of climate change, more difficult planning conditions and building control legislation, the balance between carbon emissions, cost and functionality are becoming more analytical.


We carry the expertise to bring clarity to the critical decision-making at the concept stage, using evolutionary algorithms we can place the project on an optimal low-cost, low-carbon trajectory to move forward with confidence of zero energy for optimal cost.