Building Health Wealth and Happiness

Contextually, health and wellbeing for the property market originated in the United States with the formation of Delos Living. Delos is the brain child of Paul Scialla, a Wall Street bond trader who built a highly successful career at Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.

It was while on the trading floor, that he noticed the rising trend in the number of successful companies with a new and innovative “philanthropic” approach to capitalism. Companies that that placed a “Do No Harm” component at the core their strategic business model. They were corporates concentrating on building communities of supporters who would become fiercely loyal customers. For Scialla, this new business model wrapped around an ethical construct needed a new property model. A “DO NO HARM” property model. And so, began Delos, an organisation built to codify a healthy building estate for the ethically aware organisations who own and occupy them.

Meanwhile, David Gottfried, founder of the LEED and USGBC was also becoming an advocate for healthy buildings. David’s wife is Dr. Sara Gottfried a medical expert in human endocrinology, the systems that control hormonal balance - providing the seed for David's interest into how built environments might impact human hormonal health. Hormones systems are the on-board command and control department for the body. But they are sensitive to environmental influences where they can become massively disrupted by the quality of the air we breathe, the food we consume, the stress in our jobs, and even the daily amount of exposure to daylight that we get, or don't get.

The links between buildings and the health and wellbeing of occupants became more compelling as more research highlighted the intrinsic interfaces between them. Now, almost a decade later, the previously tenuous, or anecdotal theories are a thing of the past. Scialla and Delos has invested considerable sums in bringing the best medical and property expertise together to support a new WELL Build certified standard to the built environment.

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