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citizenM London Shoreditch was opened for business in September 2016 and is one of three of the brand's hotels in the city of London.


Our post occupancy review looked at the procurement process for what is a unique offer in the hotel sector.  All the bedrooms are constructed as a complete and finished entity offsite.  The offsite pods were constructed as a series of stacked containers before being wrapped in a high-performance glazed façade.


The project received a BREEAM Outstanding rating for its green credentials which includes solar panels and CHP to meet GLA’s stretching sustainability requirements.  In September 2017 Ollio commenced a 2 year study POE to look under the skin of this innovative building in use.   We interviewed all the participants in the design and construction process, as well as hotel guests, and staff looking for lessons learned of which there are many.


In addition, a thermal modelling and energy benchmarking exercise helped the hotel operations team to target savings of £30,000 and to better understand how optimal performance of the existing CHP could be arrived at. 


The close examination of the hotel also provided lessons for the other two sister hotels at Bankside and Tower, both constructed to similar designs. The POE will also inform the up and coming new London hotels which will open in late 2020 and early 2021. 


Watch this space where we hope to provide a copy of the full completed report in the Spring of 2020. If you would like a copy of the disseminated version of the report, drop us an email via our Contact Us link opposite.



Client : citizenM Hotels

Construction Value: £20 million

Date: September 2017

Floor Area: 6400m2


  • BREEAM Man-05 POE

  • Optimised existing CHP strategy

  • Saved £30k in annual operational energy cost.

  • Identified inconsistency in GLA low carbon policy

  • Pivotal advice for future hotel roll-out, saving potentially £millions in energy cost.

Thernmal Model.jpg

Visualisation of EA thermal model.

S2 Handyside

POE for prestigious client in St Pancras, London

Coming Soon
2 St Paul's Place

POE for Grade A office in Sheffield

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