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Working at the request project architect Lathams we provided the calculation analysis to inform the design basis for this zero-energy, National Planning Framework Paragraph 79 compliant, new home at the conservation village of Stanton near Ashbourne in Derbyshire.


The home which successfully received Planning Approval in September 2019 was designed to specifically meet the challenging P79 criteria of representing excellence in design coupled with state of- the art innovation in near zero energy building performance.


Stanton means stone town, which became a narrative for the near zero energy philosophy through the use local stone in the construction for a passive heavyweight building.  In doing so, we evaluated the ability of the stone facades to capture, store and then release energy by incorporation of a Trombe Wall. However, after exhaustive analysis it was shown that the stored energy available in an otherwise highly insulated, highly air tight building was insignificant in contrast to electrical plug loads from users. This meant solar panels, batteries, with ground source heat pumps and MVHR became the route to a new zero energy home.

Stanton is a historic town, located in the heart of a dark skies zone, which required a sensitive internal and external low energy lighting design using timed lighting curfew hours of operation coupled with external PC Amber LED sources to limit light pollution, and to minimise impacts on local insect and bat population activity.



Client : Lathams

Construction Value: undisclosed

Date: July 2019

Floor Area: 800m2


  • Trombe Wall Analysis

  • Near Zero Energy strategy

  • PV Panels integration

  • GSHP Heat Pump

  • Battery store integration

  • Home and vehicle smart energy monitoring

  • Rainwater recovery

  • ILP GN08 compliant lighting for low ecology impacts


Visualisation of thermal model.


New innovative P79 home in the countryside

Potter Logistics

Zero Energy near off grid offices

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