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Sustainability - going beyond less bad.


There are many definitions of what a sustainable building is. For some, it is a plaque on a wall, others compliance with a list of tick boxes, all things we understand well and have pushed the cause for better buildings forward.

At its heart, sustainability is a philosophy, a mindset, to be the best that we can be in minimising the impact of the building on the planet's resources. Starting during construction and continuing through its life and use by real people. Sustainability is the marshalling of knowledge of what is good and what is bad and channelling this knowledge through a client and a design team so they understand and can work out the detail using their own expertise.


Soon, even this philosophy for sustainability will need to change, to be more radicle, to be one where buildings become part of the world's solution rather than a large part of its problem, to cease our contentment to settle for  "less bad" before this philosophy is no longer any good.   

Building Physics Analysis


Given more thought, buildings can be set up to perform a whole lot better. 


We offer an independent, stand-alone yet rapid building physics service to clients or architectural design teams, who need to put some science behind the concept sketches as they are evolved.


While the architect is sketching with his "big black marker pen", we can begin to build our "rough and dirty" models, checking how the geometry of the building can be improved and altered to perform more efficiently.  In this way the architect knows his architecture will meet future planning and building regulation requirements, avoiding costly changes later down the track.


MEES ESOS and Regulation


There is less than one year to go before landlords reach the point where non-domestic buildings for rent need to achieve an EPC rating of E or better before they can be offered for rent.


Also, we have already past the threshold where tenants can demand that they pay for all energy on a metered basis. The days of the cover all energy service charge are gone.


For landlords wishing to comply, we offer a comprehensive options appraisal of the alternatives using state of the art optimisation software to find the optimal solution to compliance and future proofing of your built asset.

Assessment Methods Support


We assist project teams, developers or constructors formulate then stick to the strategy to hit required Environmental Assessment ratings at minimum cost and effort, taking into account wider any aspirations of the project.


Being independent, we are in a position to take an objective view of what is happening on the project, and then to take on the role as the managing point of contact for the achievement of the SKA, BREEAM or LEED target, particularly where the achievement of the target is an important project deliverable.

Soft Landings


We offer a complete Soft Landings management service, acting as the Soft Landings Champion on behalf of the client, or as the Soft Landings Co-ordinator on behalf of the contractor. Our innate abilities as designers give us an added advantage in understanding and development of more enlightened and productive outcomes for the performance of the building and its systems post-handover.

Sustainable Construction Management


At Ollio we have experience in working with client, design and constructor teams to develop a low carbon construction strategy for the project, resulting in a greener and more sustainable outcome for the project and ultimately the designers and constructor’s business.


We have experience in marrying sustainable construction principles to constructors existing site and supply chain management procedures, so that waste and energy management, materials and pollution management happen seamlessly and beyond that needed to satisfy Considerate Constructor, BREEAM and even WellBuild requirements.


Sustainability Champion


As Sustainability Champion we assist the planning, development and implementation of a framework to meet the sustainability aspirations of the client. Aspirations that can range from meeting a BREEAM Very Good certification to BREEAM Outstanding, even Living Building Challenge or Cradle to Cradle protections for our planet.


Whatever the motivation in sustainability for your business, we have the expertise and knowledge to arrive at a collaborative strategy with the design teams to meet project expectations.

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