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Sustainable Construction Management
Sustainable Construction Management

We help clients and constructors understand the problems the construction industry has in minimising the number of raw materials it consumes, ships around the globe, to then compound all of this by sending vast amounts of waste to landfill.


Responsible construction is by default lean construction. Thinking more about the material, where it comes from, and the and waste it produces, causes designers and architects to design for leaner construction and becomes the basis for efficient, faster and more profitable construction.


At Ollio we have experience in working with client, design and constructor teams to develop a low carbon construction strategy for the project, resulting in a greener and more sustainable outcome for the project and ultimately the designers and constructor’s business.


With our links to academia, we can also help to have the data coming from site analysed with a view to extracting the learning and improving the design and performance of future projects.


We also help designers and constructors develop their own internal corporate frameworks, merging them into existing health and safety or waste management structures for seamless application and cross checking at the site level.


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