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Working at the request project architect Lathams we provided the zero-energy strategy for this P79 home at Sydnope near Two Dales in Derbyshire.


The new home which received Planning Approval stage in June 2020 was designed to specifically meet the challenging P79 criteria of representing excellence in design coupled with state of- the art innovation in zero carbon building performance.


To enhance the narrative for the home we were aware that the site near Sydnope was an area frequented by Charles Darwin, especially where his uncle Francis Scheverell Darwin was the owner of Sydnope Hall. Using this as an advantageous piece of serendipity we included Evolutionary Algorithms (EA) analysis a form of Artificial Intelligence (AI) analysis, becoming the first home of its kind in the UK to use the EA technique for thermal modelling outcome optimisation.


Using EA allowed us to uncover a series of previously unimaginable yet effective new zero energy outcomes. The process concluded with a solution that was 7% better than Passivhaus but was achieved at a fraction of the required cost and technical detailing.


With an efficient fabric we added renewables via solar panels, air source heat pumps for underfloor heating and MVHR with integrated home and electric vehicles storage and smart control for a home that is zero energy and power grid independent for 90% of the year.



Client : Lathams

Construction Value: circa £1.3M

Date: June 2020

Floor Area: 400m2


  • First to use EA (a form of AI) Analysis

  • Zero Energy

  • Off Grid 97% of annual hours

  • PV Panels

  • ASHP Heat Pump

  • Battery store

  • Home and vehicle smart energy monitoring

  • Rainwater recovery


Visualisation of EA thermal model.


New innovative P79 home in the countryside

Potter Logistics

Zero Energy near off grid offices

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