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Welcome to Ollio- a unique building performance consultancy. We specialise in making buildings that perform for the people who own operate and use them. If you fall into any of these categories we work for you to get you the building you need to effectively support your organisation and the people who work for you.

Buildings that improve business outcomes

Ideally, we work with those enlightened organisations, who view the move to a new building as a vitally important chapter in their continuing success story.   A time to maximise the opportunity created by a smarter, more effective built environment; one which recognises the significant contribution a new building could have in advancing the brand, culture, productivity and even profitability of a fundamentally re-invigorated enterprise.

To help business thrive

With "improved end-use outcomes" as a primary motivator of the design, we encourage our clients to ask questions like ... "how do we get this building to be the absolute best it can be for us, its users?".... rather than the underlying norm for the property industry which is ..." how do we get this building to perform well from an aesthetic and technical perspective?". Re-prioritising, the initial question, creates a new dynamic; one that places the future performance and productivity of the enterprise above that of delivering a competent building design to fulfil the specified technical criteria (although we accept this is important too).



Agile for Building (A4B)

Stemming from our groundbreaking search into what makes great buildings for end users, we have identified the latest techniques in customer-centric agile methodologies, as the basis for a series of new strategies, from which to evolve a more productive framework for building designs with business in mind. 


Our innovative, Agile for Buildings methodologies work by extracting the knowledge base of all stakeholders in the business, from the chief exec right down to the junior clerical assistant; inviting them to be involved in and owners of, the journey towards a new business integrated building to support workplaces with real purpose.


Advisors on health and wellbeing

Layered over this, we reinforce our new thinking in agile, with enhanced health and wellbeing elements of design. Physical and cerebral health enhancing design that supports improved user performance, comfort, and wellbeing of staff.  Delivering a building that reaffirms an organisation who cares about its people, cares about customers, cares about how it is seen to do business.


For employers who value people as their most prized asset, deliberate investments made in health and wellbeing will yield dividends many times over, in reducing absenteeism, presenteeism, and improved retention. It stands to reason that your building and its design in promoting health and wellbeing will be important when it comes to creating the ambience in which you and your people excel.


Advanced performance and comfort analysis 

Health and wellbeing start with buildings that are comfortable to be in.  A criterion that invariably comes top of the list when people are asked what matters most to them about their building.  Alas, providing stable, comfortable conditions is a complicated business. It takes analysis, care and collaboration during the design, to deliver better buildings that achieve consistent comfort levels year round. The perfect building probably does not exist, but we have the tools and the analytical expertise to get to buildings that are better than most. 



Using low or zero carbon analysis

Moving beyond human comfort and productivity, the low carbon credentials also need to be evident. The building's design needs to resolve the sometimes opposing criteria of geometry, materials specifications, user requirements, plant systems energy needs, comfort and climatic conditions.  Employing advanced analytical skills and techniques, using the latest simulation tools, we simplify problems, remove unwanted complexity and increase understanding, so that low carbon, high efficiency, buildings and their operation are shaped to be more stable and transparent for those who own and operate them.


For solutions that are easier to understand

In the drive for low carbon buildings, designs are becoming much more complex.  So complex in fact, that it has become harder for those tasked with owning and operating them to understand them correctly.  We can work with clients and their designers or operators to clear the fog, to get designs back to something that looks and feels more manageable, transparent and understandable from design, commissioning or owning perspective.  Acting as independent technical advisers to clients, developers or even tendering main contractors, we review the conceptual building fabric and comfort systems design to arrive at an optimal, simplified and operationally transparent solution that works for everyone.


Post Occupancy Evaluation, Soft Landings, Design Review.

All of the technical and creative experience that underpins what we do is based on a decade of research and more than two decades of professional practice in:



And so as one might expect, we are well qualified to adopt the role of Buildings Performance Champion, Building Services Technical Advisor, Building Performance Champion, Sustainability Champion and Soft Landings Specialists.


Our groundbreaking research into building and people performance will continue as we look to develop buildings that feel owned and embraced by those who will use them. Research that keeps us ahead of the competition in understanding what makes people work better in buildings that work well too.



Agile Methods for Buildings

"We don’t need an accurate document; we need a shared understanding."


Jeff Patton -Agile Coach

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