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Image courtesy of NTA


Working at the request project architect Tom Crooks Architects we provided the calculation analysis to inform the design basis for this near zero-energy, conversion of an existing Methodist Primitive Chapel to a new family home in the High Peak District village of Winster.


We joined the TCA team for this project in August 2020 to help prepare the mechanical services specification for the home which lies in a location that is remote from the highway and accessed only via public footways.


The conversion needed to be sensitive to the Grade II listing of the iconic primitive chapel which meant that it could not be insulated,  nor could the single pane heritage windows be replaced. Also the ratio of wall to glazing are was less than 17%.


In partnership with the TCA team, the bedrooms and kitchen area were constructed as an insulated interior box which took up over half of the rear of the building. The front double height spaces becomes the main living accommodation, with secondary glazing, an insulated heated floor and well insulated roof. Attention was also paid to door details to make sure the the whole home was airtight to at least 3 air changes @ 50Pa. 


Advanced thermal modelling software is used to predict performance and allow us as designers to size the heat pump to serve underfloor heating  and a large hot water store. Particular attention was paid to the acoustics of the heat pump selection to make sure that it causes no disturbance to this otherwise sleepy village in remote Derbyshire.



Client : Tom Crooks Architecture

Construction Value: undisclosed

Date: August 2020

Floor Area: 400m2


  • Chapel conversion

  • Near Zero Energy strategy

  • ASHP

  • Rainwater recovery

winster model.jpg

Visualisation of thermal model.


New innovative P79 home in the countryside


Zero Energy near off grid home

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